I woke up before Maggie this morning. When I woke up and rolled over my titanium cylinder pricked out from under me and pointed upwards through the blanket. I did my best to tuck it into my loose-fitting shorts as I went down to the hotel lobby for some late breakfast. There was almost nothing left. I group messaged my Aunt and Maggie from the lobby about the arrangements for the day. We'd be hitting up Haulover a little later in the day this time. Evidently Aunt Jen and Alice had a little bit of an argument last night -- about what I don't know -- and they were still butting heads. I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy the English muffin I'd picked out from the display. I sat with my muffin watching Joe Rogan clips on YouTube on my phone for about 10 minutes before I saw a familiar face from across the lobby. It was Chloe, the lovely short-haired girl from the sauna. Even with clothes on, she looked gorgeous -- a dark blue miniskirt with a skin-tight black tee, topped off with a